Autumn Dance Classic Lectures


Dance Camp Schedule: Thursday October 17th Cost: $80

4:00 - Stephen Hannah: International Ballroom

Relationship between a man and a woman: How to build communication through bodies.

4:30 - Arunas Bizokas: International Ballroom

Fundamentals of basic ballroom technique: This information, although for ballroom,

can be used and applied in all other dance styles.

5:00 - Nicola Nordin: Latin

Rumba basic: Actions that all dancers should apply daily.

5:30 - 5:45: Break

5:45 - Marzena Stachura: American Smooth

Incorporating Smooth with Standard to produced a balanced couple

6:15 - Andrew Sinkinson: International Ballroom

How to choreograph to express your own personal style. 

6:45 - Richard Porter: Latin

Transforming basic everyday steps into an exciting open routine.

Coaches available for private lessons on Tuesday Oct 15 and 

Wednesday Oct 16:

Tuesday, October 15th

Andrew Sinkinson

Jonathan Wilkins

Wednesday, October 16th 

Arunas Bizokas

Andrew Sinkinson

Jonathan Wilkins

Stephen Hannah

Richard Porter

Nicola Nordin

David Kloss