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Pro/Am Rules & Regulations

Pro/Am Rules & Regulations

1. All students may enter in two age categories. Adults may enter their true age division and one lower while Pre-Teen-Youth students may enter their true age division and one higher. See entry forms for age categories.

2. Dance Level Categories: Material used should be based on an NDCA approved syllabus such as DVIDA, ISTD, etc.

Closed Division - Restricted To Syllabus
Newcomer - Less than 50 private lessons
Pre-Bronze - Beginning Bronze material
Intermediate Bronze - Intermediate up to Final Bronze.
Full Bronze - Final or completion of Bronze.
Pre-Silver - Beginning Silver material.
Intermediate Silver - Intermediate up to Final Silver.
Full Silver - Final or completion of Silver.
Pre-Gold - Beginning gold material.
Intermediate Gold - Intermediate up to Final Gold.
Full Gold - Final or completion of Gold.
Open Division - Not Restricted To Syllabus

3. Students may enter at any level of dance and only THREE higher in any one style of dance (American/International) in the closed single dance categories. Students may enter in completely different dance levels in the American Style between Smooth and Rhythm and in the International Style between Standard and Latin-American.

A Pro/Am student may dance the Open Bronze, Open Silver and Open Gold levels (all 3 levels) if the student is in fact a true Bronze level dancer. The students level will be determined by the single dances entered (A Bronze level student is one who dances the majority of their single dances in the Bronze Level). A student may only dance up in level, never down.

4. There is no limit on student entries in Open or Closed Freestyle Divisions.

5. In any category with three entries or less, the organizer reserves the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one category.

6. Pro/Am Scholarships: To qualify for all scholarship events, a student must enter a minimum of 4 (Smooth) and 5 (Rhythm, Ballroom, Latin) Pro/Am single dances per scholarship event entered. All scholarships are unisex competitions for adults. Closed scholarships are restricted to Bronze & Silver students. Please remember that the closed scholarships are restricted to closed syllabus figures (Bronze restricted to Bronze Syllabus and Silver restricted to Bronze & Silver Syllabus). Open scholarships are not restricted to any figures. In any scholarship event with fewer than three entries, the organizer reserves the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one division.

  • All Scholarship competitors will receive 50% of the prize money offered if the event is held with three or fewer couples.
  • Students may NOT enter both Bronze & Silver scholarship levels in the same style.
  • Students MAY enter both the Silver & the Open scholarships in the same style.
  • Students MUST enter the scholarship level of the highest single dance entry level in a style.
  • For example: If a student enters single dance entries in Full Bronze and Pre Silver they would be eligible for the Silver Scholarship NOT the Bronze Scholarship in that style.

7. Solo Exhibitions No Solo Exhibition is to exceed three minutes (3:00).

8. Restricted Categories/Closed Division Freestyle A panel of invigilators may be used for all restricted categories/closed divisions. The categories will be strictly supervised and competitors committing infractions may be disqualified.

11. Critique/Score Sheets Critique/Score sheets will be given on Solo Exhibitions only.

12. Registration All competing Professionals must be currently registered with the N.D.C.A.