Rules & Policies

General Info and Rules

General Rules & Policies

01. Age Divisions

Adults may enter their true age category and one division younger. Pre-teen, Juniors, and Youth may enter their true age category and one division older.

02. Syllabus

Material used in closed competition should be based on the current NDCA/ISTD syllabus for. Open divisions are not material restricted.

03. Cancellations/Refunds

Any request for cancellation or refund must be made in writing, no exceptions will be made.

The deadline for cancellation refunds is 22 days prior to the event start date. The organizer will not refund any money for expenses that have been paid that cannot be recuperated. All canceled entries are subject to a cancellation fee of $1 per entry plus a $20 cancellation processing fee.

After the deadline, refunds will be considered only in case of an emergency and a doctor's certificate is required. Cancellations after the deadline, if they meet the criteria, will only be eligible for a credit for the following year's event less a $50 per person cancellation processing fee.

There are no refunds or exchanges on general admission tickets. All sales are final, no exceptions.

Cancelled entries taken at the event cannot be substituted by another entry and no refund will be made on such a cancellation.

Refunds will be mailed 30 days after the event.

04. Dance Levels

Dance Level Categories: Material used should be based on an NDCA approved syllabus such as DVIDA, ISTD, etc.

Closed Division - Restricted To Syllabus
Newcomer - Less than 50 private lessons
Pre-Bronze - Beginning Bronze material
Intermediate Bronze - Intermediate up to Final Bronze.
Full Bronze - Final or completion of Bronze.
Pre-Silver - Beginning Silver material.
Intermediate Silver - Intermediate up to Final Silver.
Full Silver - Final or completion of Silver.
Pre-Gold - Beginning gold material.
Intermediate Gold - Intermediate up to Final Gold.
Full Gold - Final or completion of Gold.
Open One Dance Division - Not Restricted To Syllabus Open Bronze Open Silver Open Gold Open Gold Star Open divisions may incorporate figures from the next higher level (e.g. Open Bronze may have Silver figures).

Students may enter at any level of dance and only THREE higher in any one style of dance (American/International)in the closed single dance categories. Students may enter in completely different dance levels in the American Style between Smooth and Rhythm and in the International Style between Standard and Latin-American.

05. Late Entries

Entries postmarked and received after the deadline date of September 28, 2017 will be subject to a late fee of $30 per person. Entries postmarked and recieved after October 4, 2017 or after will be subject to a late fee of $50 per person. There will be no exceptions.

06. On Deck Area

Dancers are required to be in the "On Deck" area three heats prior to their scheduled heat. Any competitor not on the floor when the Master of Ceremonies calls, is subject to disqualification for that heat. Please be advised that changes may be made from the original program and all dancers should be in the ballroom at least 30 minutes prior to the time they are scheduled to dance.

07. Payments

All payments received after the deadline must be by a Cashier's Check, Bank Check or Studio Check. Personal checks will not be accepted. Accounts to be paid by credit card will be assessed a 4% administrative fee on all transactions. You may also call us and pay by credit card.

08. Scholarships

To qualify for all scholarship events, a student must enter a minimum of 4 (Smooth) and 5 (Rhythm, Ballroom, Latin) Pro/Am single dances per scholarship event entered. All scholarships are unisex competitions for adults. Closed scholarships are restricted to Bronze & Silver students. Please remember that the closed scholarships are restricted to closed syllabus figures (Bronze restricted to Bronze Syllabus and Silver restricted to Bronze & Silver Syllabus). Open scholarships are not restricted to any figures. In any scholarship event with fewer than three entries, the organizer reserves the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one division. Voucher denominations are to be determined by Autumn Dance Classic and will not necessarily be the same value as the prize money listed.

  • If an event is held with three or fewer couples, all Scholarship competitors will receive 50% of the prize money.
  • Students may NOT enter both Bronze & Silver scholarship levels in the same style.
  • Students MAY enter both the Silver & the Open scholarships in the same style.

09. Seating

Day sessions are open seating. Evening sessions are reserved seating. Your ticket number is also your seat number. Please order tickets early to assure first choice. Tickets will be available at the door only as supplies last. View our Ticket Order Form on our Entry Forms page.

10. NDCA Registration

Professionals and Amateurs competing in any capacity must be currently registered with the N.D.C.A. and supply the Organizers with an official registration number on our entry forms.

Registration Forms are available from or:


P. O. Box 22018
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 422-8124

11. Waiver & Release

No responsibility for loss or theft of articles left in changing rooms, ballroom, or hotel rooms can be accepted by the organizer or the N.D.C.A., neither can they be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending the Autumn Dance Classic. Everyone does so at his or her own risk.

12. Registration Desk

Upon arrival at the hotel, one representative from the studio should come to the registration desk and pick up the packages for his studio. OUTSTANDING BALANCES MUST BE PAID BEFORE PACKAGES CAN BE RELEASED. Only that representative will be allowed to make payment and pick up packages. We will not release any tickets or pro/am numbers until payment is made in full. Each participant will be given a heat list showing what heat and at what time he/she is dancing. Please be advised that the time listed is approximate and subject to change. When you receive your heat sheet, please check and make sure your dances, levels, and ages are correct. We need to be made aware of any mistakes as soon as possible.